Member Museum

When the American Breweriana Association, Inc. (ABA) was formed in 1975, the founders included the goal of establishing a breweriana museum in the organizing documents. This goal was realized when the National Brewery Museum™ opened in 2008.  The National Brewery Museum™ is an ABA member’s museum. The artifacts you will find on exhibition in the museum are on-loan from ABA members.

Focus Exhibit

The focus exhibition is located on the second floor in the Great Room. The brewery artifacts in this room are on-loan from the Schuetz family. Mike and James Schuetz started collecting Wisconsin breweriana from breweries that were closing in the early 1950’s. Long time Wisconsin collectors have observed brewery artifacts from this collection that they had not ever seen before. These quality breweriana artifacts represent some of the finest examples of Wisconsin breweriana.

Focus Exhibition

Member Exhibits

The exhibits in the National Brewery Museum™ are slowly changed on a continual basis over an eighteen to twenty-four month period. In this way, when your return to the museum you will have a fresh breweriana experience. Shown below are examples of previous member exhibits.

Gund Lithograph

Blackhawk Beer ExhibitFitger's Beer Exhibit


Something for Kids

There are several exhibitions that the kids will enjoy.  On the third floor of the National Brewery Museum™ is an exhibition of model beer trucks or model race cars that represent vehicles sponsored by a brewer. There is an interactive model railroad layout, on the third floor, that features three beer trains the kids can operate.  One of the trains is Thomas the Tank Engine. Big kids can play too.

Beer Trains

Loan or Exhibit Your Artifacts

The museum actively looks for quality breweriana artifacts for exhibition. The ABA Museum Foundation, Inc. will only exhibit artifacts from American breweries located throughout the United States. ABA members are always welcome to share their collections in the museum with our visitors.  You do not have to be an ABA member to exhibit your collection at the brewery museum.  The ABA Museum Foundation, Inc. will accept brewery items for exhibition from former brewery workers, or their families, or from members of other breweriana organizations. If you have breweriana items that you would care to loan for exhibition for a period of 12 – 24 months, please contact Pat Boyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



We receive unsolicited endorsements from visitors to the museum telling us how much they enjoyed their experience.  Here is one example:

I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I had a fantastic time at the museum and brewery. I believe the admission was $5. We started out viewing the Potosi exhibit on the first floor. We then went to the brewery and shared a beer sampler platter. The beers were very good.  We then headed up to the museum. It was fantastic. We spent quite a bit of time up on all the floors. We even met a couple, their last name was Sembrat I believe and their ancestor brewed beer and there were a few items up in the museum.  Afterwards we went downstairs and had our free beers that came with admission and we had a late lunch. The food was very good also. We had to hurry and drive to Milwaukee to catch our flight. Hopefully we will go back in the future. We did have time to stop in the gift shop and buy a couple of things. All of the staff was so friendly and helpful.

Irv & Maria Indy

Everyone that visits the museum for the first time is pleasantly surprised at the quality of breweriana artifacts and at the wonderful restoration of the brewery, originally built in 1852, by the Potosi Foundation, Inc.