Welcome to the National Brewery Museum

Welcome to the National Brewery Museum™ and Brewery Research Library in Potosi, Wisconsin. The museum is located in the Potosi Brewery building which was built in 1852 and restored in 2008. Here you will find over 100 exhibits of brewery history from American breweries no longer in business. You will find brands your father and grandfather drank.

National Brewery Museum
The National Brewery Museum™ is a member’s museum and the items on exhibition are on-loan from our members. Our members belong to the American Breweriana Association, Inc. (ABA) and the goals of the ABA are to restore and preserve brewery history and advertising, appreciate the challenges brewery pioneers overcame, and to promote friendship.

For a "Total Breweriana Experience" please come and enjoy a day at the National Brewery Museum™ and the Potosi Brewery complex. View American brewery artifacts, learn how beer is made and how beer influenced society, have lunch or dinner at the brewery restaurant, and check out the gift shop.