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National Brewery Museum™ is primarily a venue for members of the American Breweriana Association to display brewery related history and advertising artifacts.  Most of the items exhibited belong to our members and represent artifacts from many of the small breweries that are no longer in existence.  The National Brewery Museum provides a venue for beer historians to perform research, for collectors to view artifacts, and to educate the public on the impact that the brewing industry has on our society through the decades.

We invite non-members from other breweriana organizations and clubs, brewery workers or their families, or independent collector’s to share their collections with the general public.  You DO NOT have to donate your collection in order to display your artifacts, and we DO NOT charge you for the privilege to display your artifacts.

The exhibits must relate to a theme. For example, in the Welcome Center you find “Beer and Sports”, “Beer Goes to War”, “Responsible Drinking”, and “The Brewing Process” just to name a few. The exhibit must be annotated so the viewer understands what they are seeing. An exhibit can be set-up by an individual or by pooling artifacts from several individuals.

Most of the exhibits will have a display window lasting from 6 to 24 months.  This allows our museum to be refreshed, so each visit you will find something new. The time that the exhibit will be set-up and taken down will be determined by the owner(s) and the Museum Coordinator. You set-up your own display and you take it down on the dates agreed to.

The museum has controlled temperature and humidity conditioning and an advance security system to safeguard your artifacts. All artifacts registered in the museum data base will be insured against damage or loss.

If you are interested in displaying your brewery related artifacts view instructions here or contact:

Patricia Boyer
(414) 690-7898

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