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American Breweriana Association
ABA is America's most active Breweriana Association with almost 3000 members worldwide. Members receive a 48 Page Full Color Bi-Monthly Magazine, free Coaster offerings with each issue, 6 Free Exchanges, a Large Free Lending Library, and an Affordable Annual Meeting.

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ABA Museum Foundation Officers/Board

Larry Bowden, President, Platteville WI*

Herb Page, Vice President, Davenport IA**
Kay Chylack, Recording Secretary, West Chester PA
Tom Rejmaniak, Executive Director, Frisco TX*

National Directors
Pat Boyer, Exhibit Management, Waukesha WI
Len Chylack, Library Management, West Chester PA
Herb Page, Museum Coordinator, Davenport IA
Jim Massey, Museum Coordinator, Dubuque IA
Lee Rasmussen, Financial Management, Waukesha WI**
Tye Schwalbe, Special Projects, LaCrosse WI*
Otto Tiegs, Museum Coordinator, Bryant WI

Special Assignments
Ron Boldt, Depot Agent, Platteville WI
Len Chylack, Fund Raisers/Grants, West Chester PA
John Dutcher, Special Projects, Platteville WI
Ralph Kluseman, Marketing & Museum Web Site, Dubuque IA
Scott Reich, Glasses & Mugs, Waunakee WI
Jim Rowley, Glasses & Mugs, Waunakee WI
Ann & Scott Reinhart, Silent Auction, Summit Hill PA
Tom Rejmaniak, Audio-Film-Video, Frisco TX
Tye Schwalbe, Bottle Classification, LaCrosse WI

* Executive Committee Members
** Executive Committee Alternate

ABA Representatives to Potosi Brewery Foundation Board
Larry Bowden
Herb Page
Merle Vastine

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